Cushion Bounce

This spot for the Women’s line featured the talented Michelle Dawley dancing her way through Tahiti!

Sooooo Mental

Rob Machado knows good lines when he sees them!  Whether it is the perfect wave, the perfect board, or the perfect sandal… if it get’s Rob’s approval you know it is special!

Supportive vs Squishy

Legendary style master Rob Machado and next big thing Griffin Colapinto took a break from shredding the waves to show us how they are the perfect combination of supportive and squishy, just like Reef sandals!

Dock Walks

Reef makes sandals for every occasion.  Check out these short videos to get some ideas on how to style your sandals!

Elevated teamed up with Side Street Creative to bring this project to life.  Director Dori Oskowitz of London Alley brought his vision and the crew kept the energy high!  We were blessed with beautiful weather, breath-taking locations, and the kindness of the locals (on land and under water!)  We came back with some new stories, sunkissed skin, and stunning footage.  The result is a series of videos that we are excited to share with you!


Ridiculously comfortable

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