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How much does it cost to produce a video?

This answer isn’t quite as simple as a nice organized price menu.  Each of our productions is tailored to match the needs of our client and the goals for the end product video.  That being said, we pride ourselves on the ability to work within multiple budget ranges.  We produce content with low budgets all the way up to huge commercial budgets and we love it all! We can have a quick discussion on goals and expectations for your production to quickly get you accurate pricing for your production.

What types of videos do you make?

Quality videos! We pride ourselves in being able to scale our productions up or down on a wide range to fit your needs.  We’ve done everything from national tv commercials to recruiting videos or internal communications and everything in between!

How long is the total process?

The process varies based on the project, but we work QUICKLY and EFFICIENTLY.  Often we will utilize a project delivery date and work backwards to ensure we can meet all checkpoints.  We also build out a production schedule to keep everyone on the same page!

Do you do photo as well?

Yes! We are a full service creative agency housed within our video production company.  Meaning, we can handle creative direction, design, photography and branding alongside video production.  Any other needs?  Don’t hesitate to ask!


Any other Questions!?