Agrobot approached us asking for a way to demonstrate their revolutionary technology in a compelling and interesting way.  We came up with the narrative of the modern farmer, who values tradition and heritage, but embraces modern advancements in technology to get the job done.

We brought out the big guns for this one.  We utilized a techno crane to get dynamic and futuristic shots that match the sleek design and streamlined efficiency of the Agrobot.

The Agrobot works in all types of conditions, and we used a variety of lenses, stabilizers, drones, and more to capture the Agrobot’s impressive performance.  We were able to show the Agrobot effortlessly gliding through mud, picking strawberries of all different shapes and sizes without skipping a beat, working  all day and night.

Agrobot’s new BugVac creates a vacuum to remove insects from crops.  It is a great alternative to pesticides, and it looks really cool!  We sent a small team to capture drone footage of this amazing new technology.


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