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Find out how we can help you safely create content in this new landscape.


The whole world is now in unfamiliar territory. We’re here to help you navigate this new terrain, as you move forward in communicating with your customers and employees.

Film/Video Production is a game of problem solving. We are well versed in finding solutions and adapting to whatever comes our way. We can help you find the best way forward, as you navigate your business marketing into uncharted waters.

We are also offering free zoom consultations to anyone who would like to take the next step.

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MemorialCare PSAs

Some projects require on-location crews. When this is the case, we follow all the rules, guidelines & social distancing to ensure that everyone is safe. MemorialCare Health System has a need to keep the public updated as the healthcare landscape continues to change at a rapid pace. We made sure all our crew members wore masks, and kept a safe distance from our interviewees and subjects. Before each location, our temperatures were taken and we were screened for any symptoms.

Agrobot BugVac

Agrobot’s new BugVac creates a vacuum to remove insects from crops with ease. It is a great alternative to pesticides, and it looks really cool! We sent a nimble aerial team to capture drone footage of this amazing new technology. This video is an engaging look at an amazing product and the shoot was essentially “touchless”.


Ember approached us for the need to produce a product video at the start of quarantine. In order to comply with all safety guidelines, a small crew of team members who were quarantining together made this video for a new product from Ember. We rented a sterilized Airbnb for a location, utilized extensive special effects, and had a constant live feed going to the off-site clients at Ember for notes and direction during the filming process.


GoodRX was in need of series of national TV spots to communicate important messaging during this time. We were able to consult with CEO and founder Doug Hirsch on self-filmed footage. The footage was digitally delivered and we cut together a commercial spot with a professional voice over and animation. The result is a national tv commercial that was made one hundred percent remotely!

MemorialCare - "We're Here"

MemorialCare needed to communicate an important message to the public in regards to the safety and availability of care. To achieve this we utilized our extensive client footage library, as well as high end stock footage to create this TV commercial. We have several resources to find and edit footage that matches your messaging and brand voice. The spot was guided by a remotely recorded professional Voiceover.


The team at Rareform prepared and delivered a few boxes of their one-of-a-kind bags and backpacks and we got to work producing product videos for their site. A small and nimble crew utilized our safe and clean office studio to film these videos. Rareform uses these videos as online ads to promote their new products and inform their customers on their new policies.

California Lutheran University

California Lutheran University, like many of our clients, has a network of staff, students, and potential students who are looking to them for guidance in this time of need. We were able to create this video for CLU using our existing footage library and screen-recordings of the university’s remote and online classes. This video has been an effective tool to communicate their ability to adapt to this new world.

Here are a few of the ways we are adapting to producing video content during this global pandemic:

– Social Distancing
– Nimble Crew Sizes
– New On-Set Rules & Regulations
– Remote Off-Site Client Monitoring
– Creative Use of Stock Footage & Existing Client Footage
– Motion Graphics, Animation & VFX
– Client Sourced Footage with Coaching By Our Team
– Zoom Recording & Coaching
– Messaging and Content Sensitivity Consulting
– & so much more. Each project will be individually adapted to facilitate the best production quality.



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